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Safety Culture Leadership: Site Safety Committees

A culture is not built from the top down; having management dictate behaviours and habits is not an effective way to create them. Safety culture leadership has to come from all levels of an...

How to Improve Safety Culture: Near-Miss Analyses

Reporting and analyzing “near misses” on a worksite is a crucial way to improve safety culture. Learning from your mistakes is great, but it’s even better when you can learn from an...

Dimensions of a Positive Safety Culture

On a construction site, things tend to be very concrete, so to speak. Many workers are hands-on, using tools and equipment to build, demolish, or renovate physical structures.

What is Safety Culture on Your Specific Site?

The ABC 2018 Safety Performance Report found that conducting site-specific safety orientations can reduce DART and TRIR rates by as much as 50%. We are kicking things off with that tidbit of...

Introducing New Hires to Your Company Safety Culture

When it comes to establishing a company safety culture and ensuring that it sticks, you need to start everyone off on the right foot. Especially on construction sites, there is always some safety...

Actually increase safety culture, don't just talk about it.

Seems like safety culture is a hot topic when discussing behaviour based safety. What is safety culture and how does it impact the workplace? Safety culture is engrained into the actual...

Creating a Strong Safety Culture

One of the hardest things to do regarding safety is creating an environment where the workers aren't just filing out paperwork and wearing safety equipment because they are told to. Its about...

7 Keys for Creating a Safety Culture


Stop Trying to Create a Safety Culture

Stop Trying to Create a Safety Culture

Creating a Safety Culture

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