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By registering for the free trial on SafetyTek you will soon see how all of your safety forms are submitted directly to you through your news feed. Locate the form PDF files as they are automatically filed in their designated folders on the file system. You will also begin to see first hand how much time you save by not having to collect, transcribe, and file paperwork any longer.

SafetyTek - Digital OHS EHS management software

Actually increase safety culture, don't just talk about it.

Seems like safety culture is a hot topic when discussing behaviour based safety. What is safety culture and how does it impact the workplace? Safety culture is engrained into the actual...

Bill 30: Reporting Potentially Serious Incidents and how SafetyTek can help

We are all aware of the new and improved OHS system coming into effect June 1.2018. Among many of the changes included in this bill is an increase in reporting of "potentially serious" incidents....

Bill 30: Stop Work Orders and how a piece of paper can create chaos.

During my time as a safety officer I had to deal with stop work orders. One example stands out to me with regards to this new legislation. I was called to a site that was issued a stop work order...

Why fall is the perfect time for SafetyTek.

Another summer is now behind us as we all brace for the winter to come. It was a busy summer for everyone and with all the beautiful, hot weather we had, many companies were very very busy.

Stop Trying to Create a Safety Culture

Stop Trying to Create a Safety Culture