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By registering for the free trial on SafetyTek you will soon see how all of your safety forms are submitted directly to you through your news feed. Locate the form PDF files as they are automatically filed in their designated folders on the file system. You will also begin to see first hand how much time you save by not having to collect, transcribe, and file paperwork any longer.

SafetyTek - Digital OHS EHS management software

SafetyTek's application development team has been busy plugging away at backend development and deploying SafetyTek Tool on a new platform.

This Major update will make SafetyTek Safety Management Software even more user friendly and mobile device compatible.  The new designs have been built with mobile in mind being that 90% of users will be using smart phones or tablets, and the rest will be on desktop or laptop computers.

Below are just a few updates to expect from the update. Keep checking back as we will be filling in the details on a regular basis as the features are defined.

Collaborative Checklists

Build checklists on your profile and invite other workers to share them while you work. Did you start a job and now you've been called to another one? Share you checklist with someone else and let them take over for you.

Save your default checklists for repetitive tasks to deploy quickly. Know who has completed the task because we document who checked off the box along with the time and date. Once a checklist is completed it gets archived in PDF format in the file system for quick access anytime, any place.

File System

A Major overhaul of the file system will be part of the new release. The new file system will have enhanced functionality and feel more like a computer file system instead of the accordion type layout. Sync your file system with your dropbox account or google docs to have multiple backups for your files.

Live Status of Users

See who is online and active at the moment, and communicate with them from in the tool.

Location Tracking

Enhanced location tracking to make sure users submit forms from site. Also handy in emergency situations to see who is still on site.

Form Submission Notifications

Know exactly when forms are submitted by choosing to receive en email notification. Also have specific fields available to send you notifications if they happen to be filled with the correct criteria. For example, on a near miss report if "Urgent" is selected the form will be attached as a PDF and sent to all supervisors of the tool.

Action Items

Create actions items for your company. Assign tasks to individuals and have them sign off along with documentation that the task is completed. see at a glance what tasks are complete or outstanding. Our tool will follow up with notifications if a due date for a task has been exceeded.

Better Support for General Contractors

General contractors can add in sub trade users to fill out your hazard assessment, Field Level Risk Assessment, etc... Simply navigate to your site and setup a crew for your sub trades. When you click add user select from another company and you will be able to search via username the sub trades that you want. Really all you need to do is add the foreman of that company and the sub trade can do the rest right from within the users object on the form itself.  No more tracking down paperwork from your sub trades, forms are submitted directly to you by your subs and filed accordingly.

Learning Management System

Build as many courses inside of SafetyTek as you'd like, and track users progress and exam scores all from within one tool. Exams that can block users until the correct answer is selected or not, allow them to continue and collect scores at the end. Automatically send a PDF certificate to the users and store it on the users training management profile.

Workflow Objects

Make your forms dynamic by creating objects with workflows. Of a answer to a question is selected yes, then you can show new information relative to that answer, or notify a supervisor that a specific answer was selected so they can follow up with the user to make sure they are safe.

Activity Feed

See all recent submissions on your dashboard as soon as you login. Click on a submission to be taken directly to the form so  its simple and easy to review. Everything is time stamped and sorted from most recent to oldest submissions.

Emergency Response Plan Builder

Never be without a detailed ERP. With our builder you can customize your ERP per site and have your workers access only the ERP they need from there phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Also within the ERP is a live man count for everybody who uses SafetyTek on site. If your a general you will be able to see at a glance who's safe and who hasn't checked in safe.

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