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SafetyTek - Workplace Safety Engagement Platform

Safety Audits

At SafetyTek, we understand all of the stress that accompanies that dreadful A-word; AUDIT. All of your hard work and commitment can be unraveled within one bad report, putting your reputation on the line. We can make the events leading up to an audit less demanding and time-consuming. Here's a summary of how we can help you.

Within our file management system, all of your vital documents are time-stamped and organized by month in order to make them simple to find. Our upcoming search function will help users find any form or file lightning-fast. In preparation, periodical review of any form is efficient and simplified to make sure you're ready. When it comes time for an audit, documentation and data control will not only be simple to find, but it can also help you answer other questions with confidence and ease. All forms are accessible at any site location on multiple devices due to our cloud-based system, and any obsolete documents can be promptly removed to avoid unnecessary clutter. How often have you located a form that was incomplete, ineligible or crumpled up? Users must type instead of write, and our digital forms can not be damaged and will never deteriorate. Our cloud-based system allows access of any form at any time, and eliminates the need to store forms at your office. We have you completely covered.

Still not sure? We've gone through the Enform COR Audit Protocol to show you exactly how SafetyTek can help you meet specific criteria. Here's the link so you can follow along:

Element A: Management Involvement and Commitment - Your company's Safety Policy can be saved directly to our File Manager for quick access at any site, from any device, so that all employees are aware of specific safety responsibilities. Each site-visit document is dated and time-stamped for swift validation.

Element B.1: Hazard Identification and Assessment - All of our forms are completely customizable to your specific hazards, and our Table Object gives you the ability to prioritize each task accordingly. As these hazards change from day to day, your hazard assessments can be edited along with it. Our integrated Training Record Tracker shows all workers certification and expiry in real time.

Element B.2: Inspections - Any inspection form may be customized to include any information unique to your worksite, or that has been identified on a previous audit. Master inspection documents can also be created so that assigned employees know exactly what to look for. The user is identified and each form is dated and time-stamped for easy reference. Worker training is tracked and efficiently assessed within Reports. Any discrepancies identified on an inspection can be reviewed quickly to ensure correction in a timely manner.

Element B.3: Site-Specific Identification and Reporting - Customization of forms can make scoring 100 in this section a breeze. You can broadcast messages to communicate unsafe conditions or work practices between the entire company, a specific site, specific crew, or an individual user, using our Notification System.

Element C: Hazard Control - You are in complete control of the content of your forms. They can be prioritized to the user who needs to review the form for follow-up to ensure implementation has been carried out. Representative samples of completed formal hazard assessments to ensure engineering and administrative controls are in place are created in File Manager. You can also create a checklist for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Preventative Maintenance of equipment, or simply add them into your hazard assessment form. Again, documentation is easily accessible for an audit at the touch of a button. All users can access your complete MSDS or Exposure Control Plans from any device at any site once uploaded into the File Group, avoiding the need of transporting the physical documents in your vehicle. If you desire, we can implement any item into our Emergency Button feature for any chemical, biological or radioactive hazards. WHMIS training is tracked along with other certifications in our Report Builder.

Element D: Training - Our Report Builder does more than just log certifications; you can create a graph to show when expiry dates are coming up, and when the most strategic timing is for re-training a large group.

Element E: Emergency Response - Emergency Response Plans can be directly uploaded into our File Manager so access is possible everywhere. We also have an Emergency Button feature which will direct a user through any procedures, evacuation plans, who to contact, links to nearest hospitals, or any other information you deem necessary according to scenarios which you identify. Testing of such procedures can be documented, and deficiencies can be prioritized to specific users who can then address the problem accordingly. First-aid training is another item you can track using our Report Builder.

Element F: Incident Reporting and Investigations - All reports and corresponding corrective actions are stored with date and time stamps to ensure quick review by an auditor. Reports with high priority can be sent to supervisors within our software or emailed externally. Our Signature Object allows a supervisor to sign off on the incident report from any device. Any corrective actions from such reports can be communicated using our Notification System or by creating a document specific for communication regarding incidents in File Manager, whichever option fits your company the best. Our Report Builder can identify trends in incidents for statistical analysis and present it in text or graph form, which can then be saved or printed.

Element G: Communication - Our Notification System sends messages to either groups or individual users both internally, and with an external email. All notifications are two-way and can be tracked retrospectively to demonstrate that information has been sent within a timely manner. Previous audits and action plans can be stored for reference, and changes to forms made according to any deficiencies identified.

Element H: Joint Health and Safety Committee - A Meetings form could be created to document minutes of Health and Safety Committee Meetings and to communicate those minutes to non-members, keeping all members vigilent and on-task.

SafetyTek is not an auditing tool. However, if your organization is struggling with audits, losing points and misplacing documents, our powerful and flexible software package will help you reclaim those points while, more importantly, assisting you to maintain a safe work environment. We can save you time in preparation as well as put your mind at ease knowing we've got you covered. Stop pushing paper and start pushing profits.

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