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By registering for the free trial on SafetyTek you will soon see how all of your safety forms are submitted directly to you through your news feed. Locate the form PDF files as they are automatically filed in their designated folders on the file system. You will also begin to see first hand how much time you save by not having to collect, transcribe, and file paperwork any longer.

SafetyTek - Workplace Safety Engagement Platform

SafetyTek announces partnership with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada to reveal the true value of safety for members.

In the spirit of safety, SafetyTek has worked with the MCAC to offer new and existing members a discount of 50% off their first 3 months on their software solution starting immediately.

Safety is the most important aspect of any organization. Companies must be able to implement safety in a meaningful way to ensure their operation maintains compliance while operating efficiently. Companies that perform safety see direct increases in productivity, worker retention and repeat business. SafetyTek want to empower companies to move away from archaic processes like paperwork, email and excel, into a modern solution.

“Through our discussions with the MCAC it became very clear that they are very member driven. They strive to find the best solutions that provide the greatest value for their membership. It has been a pleasure working with them and we at SafetyTek are excited to be partnering with such a great organization and bringing value to their membership through our software solution”

About SafetyTek Software

SafetyTek Software is the world’s first comprehensive safety management software platform that delivers accountable real-time safety performance by collecting field level data from the workers on site in the form of hazard assessments, toolbox talks, fall protection plans, etc, and feeding that data directly to dashboards for tracking. Then the platform can produce the reports necessary for company leaders to make data backed decisions on safety. Once fully implemented SafetyTek has measured an 85% decrease in incidents occurring at the workplace after a single year of use.

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