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Want to test out SafetyTek? Register for our free trial and see for yourself how SafetyTek can save you time and money by replacing your safety paperwork with digital forms that are accessed by any device, anywhere in the world.


By registering for the free trial on SafetyTek you will soon see how all of your safety forms are submitted directly to you through your news feed. Locate the form PDF files as they are automatically filed in their designated folders on the file system. You will also begin to see first hand how much time you save by not having to collect, transcribe, and file paperwork any longer.

SafetyTek - Digital OHS EHS management software

Are you a safety manager looking to bring more value to your company? Perhaps you are a business owner that wants to keep your workforce safe but doesn't have the time or money to manage a safety manual for workplace safety.

SafetyTek enables companies to better use their time, money, and effort by eliminating make work processes from safety, primarily paperwork. You have invested thousands of dollars into your safety manual and if its not being completed correctly you will never see a return on investment on that money.

SafetyTek deploys your companies safety manual digitally and collects all information regarding safety direct from your workforce into our construction safety software. This is done in real-time to allow management to have their finger on the pulse of safety performance and by removing paper with our paperless safety platform.

Because this is completed in real-time, workers begin performing safety tasks before they start work... As opposed to filling out 5 hazard assessments on Friday, they must fill one hazard assessment out each day which allows behaviour based safety methodology to take place, keeping safety "top of mind" for your workforce.

What this does for your companies bottom line is decrease incidents. We have measured this result and have found by using SafetyTek your company can decrease its incident rate up to 85%. So say you had experienced 100 incidents in the previous year. Imagine dropping that down to 15! How much does an incident cost your company? On average, direct costs of any incident within construction equal $20,000. That's a decrease of $1.7MM in direct incident related costs, not including the ripple effect thats created with stopping work, project timeline interruptions, and product deliveries.

Would you like to know more about how SafetyTek can alter your daily routine of constantly responding to "fires" to a knowledge worker that creates tangible value to your company. Register for a live demo and we would be happy to show you exactly how SafetyTek can be implanted within your organization. Typically we can implement into your company within 4 weeks time to have you fully running and operational, with limited time commitment on your part.


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