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SafetyTek - Workplace Safety Engagement Platform

Mission Control Dashboard

April 04, 2016



SafetyTek TOOL 2.0 is extremely feature rich. Imagine yourself as a safety manager, being able to login to a mission control dashboard that would highlight all of your companies safety activities on a single screen. Knowing if Johnny submitted his Hazard Assessment before starting work or even receiving a reminder that his form hasn't yet been submitted this morning but all of your other crews have completed theirs.

Imagine not having to be surprised by a phone call from a general or OHS stating they can't find specific forms from a site. You'd be able to focus your attention on the weakest areas of your companies safety plan to pull it up and increase overall performance.

The First step is logging into SafetyTek. When you first login you see a personalized News Feed that summarizes all form submission activities from all personal.

Action items, or corrective actions, can be easily accessed directly from the mission control dashboard. Sorted by date you can see any items that have been on the list for to long at a glance and look into completing long standing the action items.

Have forms that are accessed on a regular basis and don't want to have to navigate to them every time you need to fill one out? Great! Save a form as a "Favorite" and this will place the form access on your dashboard as a shortcut to easily access it upon logging in.

Finally Notifications. This functionality will be expanded upon. Notifications will link into a document control system that will allow safety professionals to attached PDF documents to send out for mandatory reading for their personal. Documents could be anything from Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to new instructions for fall protection that your working at heights staff need to know about. Pushing out these documents as mandatory reading to specific personal will notify the users to read the documents. Then once they have completed the reading they can mark it as read. A report will be available to the supervisors to see who has and hasn't read the documents and can then ensure the staff are compliant.

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