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Injured utility worker lost both hands, wife says

Doctors were unable to save the hands of a Southern Illinois power company lineman severely burned last week when he came in contact with a high-voltage power line.

Following lengthy surgery Sunday afternoon, doctors at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis amputated both of Gerry Kinney’s hands between his wrists and elbows, according to his wife, Denice Kinney.

“The ventilator was removed following surgery and Gerry is alert,” said Denice. “He is expected to have an additional operation later this week and the doctors plan to start some skin grafting soon. He is aware that many people are concerned about him and praying for him and his family.”

Family members were told that due to the severity of his injuries, doctors could not save either hand.

Kinney was with several other workers Friday morning making repairs to storm-damaged lines north of Orchardville, Illinois, when he came into contact with a 7,200-volt power transmission line.

Kinney, 51 of Fairfield, Illinois, has been a lineman with Wayne-White Counties Electric Cooperative the past 18 years.

Kinney remains in stable condition in the burns unit of Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

Len Wells 10:31 AM, Jul 20, 2015

via Injured utility worker lost both hands, wife says - Courier Press.

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