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Professional Electrical Safety Tips for Home and Business

Safety at home and in the workplace starts with personal education. Whether you’re a homeowner or a construction foreman, it’s essential to identify and mitigate the risks in your environment.

Roof Safety: Completing a Project Without Accident

There’s no doubt that the construction industry is full of hazards, and roof work especially so. Workers in the roofing industry are three times more likely to experience a work-related fatality...

The Role of Safety Management Systems in Aviation

Flying as a mode of transportation has its risks. After all, air travel means you'll be sitting in a winged tube that tears through the sky at 600 miles per hour, thousands of feet above solid...

Exploring Industrial Safety Procedures and Practices

Industrial workers face a lot of risk while on the job. They function in extreme work environments and often operating heavy machinery; the chances of a tragic accident are quite high.

Woodshop Safety: Best Practices for Working with Your Hands

Woodworking is an intriguing hobby; there's nothing more relaxing than using your hands to create something meaningful and unique. However, if you don't follow basic woodshop safety rules, it can...

Learn How to Complete Your Own Home Safety Inspection

Your home is your safe place. But did you know there are a number of serious safety hazards that lurk around?

Fun Shouldn’t End in the E.R.! Your Guide to Recreational Vehicle Safety

Recreational vehicles are the basis for many fun memories. Perhaps you learned how to ride an ATV for the first time one summer, or you and your friends spent a weekend plowing through fresh...

How Human Errors in Construction can Turn into Deadly Mistakes

Human error is the single biggest cause of construction accidents—it’s behind up to 90 percent of all accidents.

Equipment Failure: How Safety Management Systems Can Help

Equipment is an essential part of any worksite. So much so, that many of us take it for granted. Every time a worker turns a key, pushes a button, or moves a toggle, we expect it to behave in a...

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Workplace Construction Accidents

We’ve discussed the dangers of the construction industry before. However, it’s difficult do justice to the severity of the situation. To put it into perspective, there are approximately 2,100...

Safety Management Scenario: Electrocution

Ever experienced a good shock? Chances are, you’ve experienced a zap after walking across a carpeted space and attempting to pet an animal or touch some other object. However, the fact you’re...

Recognizing Addiction in the Workplace is Essential to Construction Safety

It’s a familiar stereotype: the blue-collar construction worker, off duty at last with his hard-working buddies, knocking back a few beers at the local tavern after a hard day on site. This image...
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