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Safety Culture Leadership: Site Safety Committees

A culture is not built from the top down; having management dictate behaviours and habits is not an effective way to create them. Safety culture leadership has to come from all levels of an...

How to Improve Safety Culture: Near-Miss Analyses

Reporting and analyzing “near misses” on a worksite is a crucial way to improve safety culture. Learning from your mistakes is great, but it’s even better when you can learn from an...

What is Safety Culture on Your Specific Site?

The ABC 2018 Safety Performance Report found that conducting site-specific safety orientations can reduce DART and TRIR rates by as much as 50%. We are kicking things off with that tidbit of...

Build a Strong Safety Culture: 5 Tips For Engaging Toolbox Talks

Those who do not work in the trades may be perplexed at the term “toolbox talk”—but for those who do, it is a very familiar concept! These short 15-30-minute meetings are like training sessions on...

Creating Positive Safety Culture With Substance Abuse Programs

Although it’s a difficult subject to touch for both employers and employees, recognizing and treating issues of substance abuse is a huge aspect of keeping everyone safe on a construction site.

Stay up to Date With Workplace Safety Training The Easy Way

The biggest asset when it comes to staying safe on worksites is not something that’s tangible—it’s the knowledge that’s tucked inside the brains of all workers. You can have all the safety gear...

Stay Informed: Your Guide to Advances in Safety Technology

Technology is constantly on the move. We use it for a myriad of different things, most of them intended to make our lives easier or more fun. One of the many uses of technology, however, is to...

How to Choose the Right Safety Management Software

Safety management software has only recently started to reach its full potential. The internet—and the speed of new technology—has enhanced the capabilities of the software, making it increasingly...

The Top Mobile Safety Tech of 2019

We’ve looked at mobile safety technology like wearables in the past, but there are other types of mobile safety devices that are changing the future of high-risk work.

Public Safety Drones: Eyes in the Sky and Beyond

“Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s a safety drone!”

Is Construction Robotics Creating a Safer Worksite?

Technology hasn’t always gone hand-in-hand with the construction industry. The labor required to build, renovate, and repair isn’t exactly easy to duplicate in the digital space. In fact, a ...

The Future is Here: Wearable Safety Technology

When we talk about safety technology, many people assume that we’re talking about software that helps track and improve safety on the worksite. However, the latest and greatest in safety tech...
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