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Press Release: Collier Project Leaders choose SafetyTek Software to reach COR

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - October 25, 2019 

West Pointe Building Services selects SafetyTek, over three others

SafetyTek is pleased to announce that West Pointe Building Services has selected SafetyTek to transition from traditional paper methods to an online safety solution. With a workforce growing from...

SAM, LLC selects SafetyTek Software to enhance their safety policy across the USA

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - July 24, 2019: SafetyTek is pleased to announce that SAM, LLC (SAM) has selected our safety management software platform to further improve the quality of their safety...

Introducing safety director as a service. Safety software and consulting combined!

SafetyTek partners with AEC Safety Solutions to offer safety consulting, utilizing the power of SafetyTek, to provide new safety management solution for construction

Reduce safety costs by 80% with the newest MCAC partner

SafetyTek announces partnership with the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada to reveal the true value of safety for members. In the spirit of safety, SafetyTek has worked with the MCAC to...

Bill 30: Reporting Potentially Serious Incidents and how SafetyTek can help

We are all aware of the new and improved OHS system coming into effect June 1.2018. Among many of the changes included in this bill is an increase in reporting of "potentially serious" incidents....

Bill 30: Stop Work Orders and how a piece of paper can create chaos.

During my time as a safety officer I had to deal with stop work orders. One example stands out to me with regards to this new legislation. I was called to a site that was issued a stop work order...