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2 workers fired after fatal tram accident at OIA

Tram accident at OIA

ORLANDO, Fla. — Channel 9 is uncovering more details from last week's fatal tram accident Orlando International Airport.

Adam Lee, 32, of Orlando was killed when he was thrown through the windshield of the tram during a 5 mph maintenance run.

There were three people onboard the tram at the time of the accident -- two who work for the company in charge of operating the tram, Bombardier.Orlando police reports from the day of the accident show Grant Rigdon was with Lee Friday morning. Rigdon was questioned by police about what happened and how his friend got a hold of the controls. Channel 9's Shannon Butler learned Lee asked to drive the train and a third friend, a worker on the tram, let him. Airport officials said the tram stopped suddenly and Lee went through the fibreglass window. Butler spoke to a witness on Monday, who said all employees at Bombardier were told not to speak to the media. The man said Joseph Lollo was the one in charge of the controls that day and let Lee drive. The employee said it was out of character for Lollo, an employee who never made mistakes. Bombardier has since fired Lollo, along with Nicolas Valentiz. Bombardier would not say much about what happened Friday or what their future plans are. Employees told Channel 9 the trams are safe, but that changes because of the accident are expected very soon. Mistsubishi has won the contract to build new trams at OIA. Some of the trams, including the one involved in the fatal accident, could soon be replaced.

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